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Pig Care Information

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indexelement47-1Our family enjoys having miniature pigs as our family pets. They essay help are full of character and very intelligent. They are good for the soul! You can train them and teach them tricks. They can learn 120 tricks compared to a dog of 70-80 tricks.Mini pet pigs are great smaller animals, full of character, and fun, intelligent, inquisitive creatures. They must have adequate shelter, food and handling to become a happy social pig. Pigs are an ideal pet for children who suffer allergies to other animals, since they are an a�?allergy freea�� suitable pet. Your new pig will bond with you over a few days. Once bonded to you and your family, it is good to establish a daily routine.Before you pick up your new mini pig you need to have a suitable environment for them to essay help uk live happily.Over the last few years I have gathered some information to share with you, as future pig owners. Some people may have different ideas or opinions, but these are only from my experience raising and breeding pigs.

So if you are looking for a pet that is:
friendly, great natured
adored by all the family
doesna��t bark
sleeps in the kennel or next to your bed
good with kids
house trainable
comes when called
has personality plus
makes you smile everyday…
mow the grass
eats fresh vegetables and fruit
even cleans your orchard floor of old fruit (one less job to do).

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Housing & Fencing

2An ideal house is a 4X4 kennel or small garden shed/stable, something to keep the wind drafts and rain off. The type of bedding material can vary from with straw to an old blanket/doona to cuddle into. When they sleep inside the house, you can use an open dog bed mat to snuggle up on and confine them to a small area of the house so you know they are safe during the night.To toilet train your pig you will need to use a small area at first so they establish their toilet area. They generally go to one spot. A good time to try is after they have had their food. Take them onto a shallow tray with paper and say a�?toileta�?. It is just like teaching a puppy, so be patient. Alternative is to take them outside before bed and early morning.For SAFETY, always check things out thoroughly in the new area, THINK AHEAD of situations that may be hazardous. A yard should be secure especially at ground level so they can not push it up. Since they are so small up until about 6 months of age, they tend to fit through hinge joint wire. So the need for chicken wire may need to be in place. Installing an electric fence, which the pig will respect, is another option for internal fencing. But your external boundary fence needs to be suitable to keep unwanted animals/dogs out for the pigs safety. You need a secure night yard. Some gates may need locking if they learn how to open/push them.It is best to have an acre or more of land to own a miniature pig. It is essential to have shade in their yard and paddock. Since pigs are not able to sweat like other animals, they need an area to cool off in water 24/7. Direct sun, even on a relatively mild day could overheat your pig.

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Health & Care

aldara buy online uk 1You cannot keep a pig locked up in a small pen all day, they will become unhappy and very bored. They love to have company and will tend to bond with your other pets like dogs. Pigs enjoy an interesting environment to roam so you can achieve this by placing a variety of objects around their paddock so they can explore while out grazing. Pigs are fantastic grass grazers so letting them on your house lawn is one way of reducing the time to mow. It is a good idea to keep your pig penned at night for resting and safety from other roaming animals.You need to have a program for worm treatment.Piperazine and Nilverm are two worming liquids available to purchase at a stock feed store. Another alternative is to use yellow sulfur, garlic also helps with internal parasites. Pigs can get mites, there are different types of products available on the market for this.

Pigs with pink skin will need sun lotion cream on when out in the sun. You use it the same way we do, keep it away from their eyes. You can get your vet to trim your piga��s tusks if they become a concern.You need to keep electrical cords and chemicals out of reach, just like children. And i usually tell people if they are inside your house needs to be toddler proof.It is practical to vaccinate your pig with a Lepto Eryvac vaccine. Available from some local vets. The DPI and other pig sites are good to find out more information on pig diseases, poisonous plants etc.

Toys and Equipment

3Usually the simplest toys are the most practical. A soccer ball, pile of mulch, play gym, tarp, sewn up feed bag, newspaper, straw are all fun for your pig for entertainment. The most fun would be the treat ball.Strong plastic containers are very easy to keep clean and will last many years. A clam shell can be used but must be kept in the shade so it doesn’t go brittle. It may need to be lowered into the ground so the piglets can get in. Remember when little to only put a small amount of water or they won’t lie down in it. And put a non-skid mat on bottom so they don’t slip when getting in and out.

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