About Mini Pigs WA


Mini pigs are a great addition to any family, and do not require too much more than a dog to care for.They do have a few requirements, but any home can be adapted to there needs quite easily.Mini pigs can be house trained, so therefore can be home pets, but also love the great out doors.They love nothing more than a big pat and a cuddle and a few treats thrown their way when training.


Mini pigs are vaccinated at 6 weeks and then yearly after that.Worming is done twice a year. This can be purchased from any stockfeeders and soaked onto a small piece of bread and given to them before feeding.


Mini pigs will live to between 10 and 15 years and will grow between 40-60cm in height.Their weight can be between 50-60kg but this is dependent on their diet.


Your pig will require a shelter, or bed if inside. a large dog kennel or small shed is enough, they will require hay or blankets for bedding as pigs have a high body temperature and therefore feel the cold.


Your pig will toilet in the one area, so this will need to be cleaned daily.They can be trained to toilet in a litter box. This will need to be filled with pine shaving.


Mini Pigs love balls, they will push them around with their snout.Kongs for dogs with treats in will keep pigs occupied for hours.A childs sandpit filled with water are a great alternative, mini pigs love to swim.A childs sandpits filled with sand to hide food in is great for your pig to nuzzle the ground.


Mini pigs need access to grass they love to graze, and can eat this all day.They can have a variety of vegetables, grain and hay.Fruit is also fine for your pig but as it has a high sugar content should be used as a reward only, or given in small quantities.


To help your Mini pig through the hot summer days you can freeze fruit and vegetables into containers and then put the frozen blocks into their pen.They will chew at these to get to the treats and it will keep them cool at the same time.