The Pros and Cons of Online Slots Free Play

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Online slots is undoubtedly one of the most popular casino games nowadays. It comes in many different themes, versions and gameplay. There are also two types of ways to play online slots. One is through free play and the other is real play. Free play means paying online slots for fun only as oppose to real play, which means playing online slots involving real money or real gambling.

Free play is popular because of the many advantages especially in the financial aspect, but it also has its share of downsides that would make you conclude that playing free play is not such as good idea.

The Pros of Online Slots Free Play/Fun Play

  • No Actual Losses. This is the most important advantage of online slots free play over real play. Gamers experience no actual financial losses because it doesn’t involve real money betting. Even if you don’t hit the jackpot or you don’t get matches, it will not disappoint or frustrate you much.

  • Play Without Gambling Budget. If you find online slots entertaining, you can take advantage of the fun even without budget because it is free.

  • Good for Non-Gamblers. Online slots free play give non-gamblers a chance to experience what it feels like in the gambling world without becoming a gambler.

However, as much people nowadays like to avail of free stuff like being able to play online slots for free, there are also several downsides with online slots free play.

The Cons of Online Slots Free Play/Fun Play

  • Boredom. When you are playing online slots for fun, you experience fun at first, but as the time goes by and you are stuck just watching the reels spin over and over, it gets boring. Some people feel they are better off watching the movies because there is not much to do but spin, watch the reels turn and see if you get matches or not.

  • Less Exciting. When it comes to online slots, money is what makes it more exciting. The risk involved also adds to the thrill, so if there is no real money involved, the thrill and excitement are also reduced.

  • Not Financially Rewarding. Since there is no actual or real money involved in free plays, they are not financially rewarding. No matter how you strategize or analyze, whether you are playing progressive jackpots like Mega Moolah or slots with your favorite theme, it would be less satisfying because you get no actual reward.

You’d usually end up regretting and wishing you played for real, especially if you kept on winning.